1-4 players, Ages 12-Adult

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Boss Battle is a fantasy tabletop card game pitting Heros against an epic boss in a fight to the death! 

With a variety of classes to mix and match, each campaign is unique. Choose between the handful of heroes or a powerful boss! Level up and unleash your power and be the first to defeat your opponent in this multiplayer brawl. Who will come out on top?!  

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This guy has been playing videogames his whole life. His love for them runs deeper than just a hobby. Aspiring to be a game designer, he went to school like most people think you would. When that didn't work out, Matt sought to create and teach himself how to make games. That drive and push to continue to follow his passion led him to work with Pj, another designer on the team. After a few years under his belt creating levels he discovered a love for core game design through the raw aesthetics of traditional table tops. With his love for DnD, and fantasy games he dove head first into Boss battle. 


Matt is currently the core game designer on BossBattle and has developed a table top obsession supporting and backing kickstarters. Needless to say he has grown a massive collection of board games  from as basic as Ticket to ride to the more out there like Burrito throw. He takes his inspiration and love for board games and has been applying it to create Boss Battle.

Matthew Martin


Meet the Designers

This gal has dabbled in many passions and projects, but none have kept her hooked as much as video games and art. As she got older she only became more fascinated. With sailor moon, final fantasy and fighting games molding her childhood, it was inevitable she would pursue art, specifically animation. This led her to Savannah college of art and design. Once getting her degree in animation, she continued with a concept of creating a game that felt like an RPG. After interning with Matt and Pj it was bound they would work together to create a unique experience for players.  Combining her love of storytelling and character design, Jess wanted to make sure to develop characters that were not only part of the deck, but that players connected with as well.


Jess is currently the art director for Boss battle and co designer and spends her off her time daydreaming and can be seen in her natural habitat spacing out. Her interests and passions are vast. She can be caught napping,reading,drawing,decorating and arranging her room and playing animal crossing. 

Jessica Pierce


P.J. Vilsaint fell in love with games back when the original Galaga came out on Atari. His gaming resume consists of beating every single Mario Nintendo game and playing every Final Fantasy game. However, video games aren’t only his passion. He is a tournament-playing Magic player. Although he has only played at local tournaments and never won any of his games, he really respects the card-gaming community.


In terms of professional experience, PJ had his own game developing studio for 6 years, publishing 4 titles. His expertise lies in game development, design, and project management. PJ’s is currently core game mechanic designer on Boss Battle card effects. When he isn’t working on Boss Battle, he’s running his marketing business and raising his two boys under 5 who love to watch him play games. He hopes to get his boys to play Boss Battle one day, but he settles for Mouse Trap and Operation for now.




How long is 1 game session?

Answer: A game session is normally 20 mins per person and if you are just learning the game. This depends on skill level and game variant you are playing 3v1 or 2v1 or 1v1. The less players playing, the faster the game usually goes. 

When will the game be released?

Answer: We have completed our Kickstarter and fulfilled to all our backers. We are currently selling at conventions and working on our online shop

I have a question about a rule. How can I get clarity on that ?

Answer: You can reach out to us here, message us on social media or join our discord and we can answer your question.


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